Selected Clips

The Washington Post

Russia Peddles a Myth of Past Glory — No Wonder it Hates “Chernobyl”

You might be binge-watching Russian propaganda on Netflix


Democrats Embrace Controversial Strategy With Trump, Trade, and Impeachment

How Impeachment Momentum Massively Shifted Among Democrats

Investigations Into Trump’s Businesses Spark Emoluments Questions

The Trump Administration Thinks It Can Ignore Congress on Iran Because of 9/11

What the Electability Conversation Misses

Medium Politics

Why Taxing The Ultra-Rich Is Having a Moment

The Daily Beast

Candace Owens and Her Fellow False Flaggers Want America to Forget. We Won’t

Yale Journal of International Affairs

“The Russians Would Not Have Gone Into That Meeting Empty-Handed” — Bill Browder on The Trump Tower Meeting and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Democracy Dies a Slow Death

Al-Jazeera America

Putin’s murderous record can’t be ignored


Alexei Navalny, Putin’s Biggest Opponent, Takes On Corruption In The Sochi Olympics

Thousands Gather At Unsanctioned Meeting Against Putin

Elizabeth Warren Says It’s All About Control Of The Senate

Radio Free Europe

A Can-Do Person’: How The West Reacted To Putin 15 Years Ago

Ex-Kremlin Media Boss Hit With Call For Probe Over Pricey U.S. Real Estate