Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson is a graduate student in the M.A. program at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. He studies international economics, transatlantic affairs, and Eastern and Central Europe. He is also an editor for the Yale Journal of International Affairs.

Prior to coming to Yale, he lived in Washington and worked as a journalist. Luke got his start writing on the 2010 elections for The American Independent, a nonprofit news outlet. He then moved to the D.C. bureau of The Huffington Post, where he was a politics reporter and associate editor, covering campaigns, Congress, and breaking news. Luke also worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, writing on developments in the post-Soviet region and reporting on foreign policy. In addition to reporting from Washington, he has reported from Moscow, where he earned a Knight Foundation fellowship, and Ukraine, where he was a freelance reporter.

He graduated cum laude from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in government, earning departmental honors.


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